How to edit the Theme’s HTML (CSS)?

  1. Click on User icon (Account)
  2. Click Settings
  3. Near the Website Theme you will find a button “Edit Theme
  4. If it is a Custom theme, you will see a button “Edit HTML” on top. If you have that - Edit your HTML and CSS there.
  5. Read the Custom theme guide
  6. If you don’t have the ability to edit the HTML, go down, and click “Advanced options”, there, you will find “Add custom CSS

How can I see what CSS styles are applied to the Element X on a page?

HTML Inspector

  1. Use a Safari or a Chrome.
  2. Right click on the element
  3. Select “Inspect element
  4. In the HTML inspector you will see your element tag is selected
  5. Check thet a “Style” button is selected in the Inspector
  6. On the right side, you will see what CSS styles are applied to the Element, and you can play with them by enabling or editing each style.

How can I change the font (color) of the Element X on a page

  1. Inspect the element, check it’s style
  2. Note the element’s id, class, style. Also note the parent element’s id and class
  3. Find it in a CSS of a theme. Example: id="load" in CSS will be #load
  4. Note that some elements can have a :hover, which is used when the mouse is hovering on top of the element.
  5. If you don’t know what is a CSS selector for font or color - click here

How can I use custom fonts?

  1. Read this
  2. Select a custom font, for example from Google Fonts
  3. Add the custom font loading in HTML and CSS. Google fonts will show you the code.

Is it possible to align Element X centred to the page?

  1. Sure, inspect the element, search for “css center” and edit the css.
  2. For a lazy ones: text-align: center;

Text in Element X looks too bold

  1. Inspect the element
  2. Play with the font-size, font-family, font-weight

Can we put scrolling images at the top?

  1. Sure
  2. Search for a scrolling images java script
  3. Read it’s documentation, it will say exactly how to add it