I’ve been asked sometimes what was interesting I did during my 5+ years of mobile development. So here’s the list of some of them:

Mobile stuff

Objective-C, C, JavaScript, a tiny bit of Java and, of cource, Swift. CoreData & pure SQLite as databases.

Hardware connectivity

  • remote controlling TVs & Set-up boxes (reverse-engineered the private protocol with Wireshark)
  • MFi: connectivity to Bluetooth devices (Game controllers & custom made)
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity
  • getting data from in-car hardware data sensors (ProtoBuf over WiFi TCP & UDP)

Mobile payment

  • Payment Library for 3rd party developers & Client App (with ability of White-labeling)
  • Shopping apps with payments, loyalty points (BroadLeaf, Magento, etc)
  • Apps for Merchants


  • TV guide App with Live encoded streaming, EPG, etc
  • Media sharing app with high security (SSL, 3-way sertificates, custum algoritms using OpenSSL)


  • VoIP SIP apps, Asterisk, Avaya (server side setup & client side coding)
  • Location based apps
  • Porting iOS apps to Mac
  • OpenSource projects & libraries
  • One of first committers to CocoaPods
  • Cross platform development: PhoneGap, Titanium, Marmelade
  • runtime-hacking, reverse-engineering, benchmarking, performance optimizatios

Web services

PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS and a bit of Python. MongoDB, MySQL, Redis and others as databases.

  • Location services: GeoJSON, storage, search & retrival
  • custom CMSs
  • high load apps (with autoscaling on Amazon)
  • data re-structuring, streaming & proxying
  • custom CaptivePortal with Authentication & Authorization for connecting Facebook, user data, RADIUS (in cloud), WiFi access-points & mobile devices (WISPr)

Most of projects I did myself, some of them with another developer. I’ll add more when I’ll remember :)